Dashboards or Alerts? Mastering Your observability Strategy!

14:35 – 15:35

In 2023, Gartner highlighted Applied Observability as a strategic technology trend. Currently, lots of organisations embark on or advance their Applied Observability initiatives, selecting tools, constructing platforms and building dashboards and alerts. Yet, achieving a truly effective Observability Strategy requires reflection and strategy. Is there too much emphasis on dashboards, thereby overshadowing the critical role of alerts? How can we improve decision-making and foster a proactive approach to problem resolution? In this essential talk, Matthias will explore the strategic considerations behind the technical tools, guiding you towards a balanced, impactful Observability Strategy. Don’t miss this chance to refine your Observability Practices – join us to transform insight into action!


Matthias De Scheerder

Integration Architect & Managing Partner



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