How to create, find or use APIs from Flanders? 

14:35 - 15:35

Datavindplaats (= the place to find data and APIs) is the very first initiative that combines geospatial, open and ‘closed’ data and APIs from the government into one very user-friendly portal. Bridging the gap between all the required standards improves exchange, reduces and simplifies maintenance, increases efficiency and consistency… and keeps it as simple as possible for data providers in describing their data once-only, while reaching the widest possible audience. The metadata shown in the Datavindplaats is based on the umbrella concept of a consolidated standard, leaving out many domain-specific concepts, so the user interface can remain simple, clear, easy to use and lovable. In this way the Datavindplaats becomes a facilitator for the next generation of data solutions.


Geraldine Nolf

Product Owner Informatiecatalogus

Digitaal Vlaanderen

Nicolas Hoflack

Product Owner Datavindplaats

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