Streamlining API Product Delivery Through Automation

13:30 – 14:30

As API providers expand their API portfolio, the increase in manual tasks related to API reviews and deployment can become a significant bottleneck, often presenting a false dilemma between the speed of delivery and the quality of the API. However, there is a better way. In my presentation, I will explore the comprehensive automation of API workflows, aiming to empower teams to deliver high-value API products more efficiently and with higher quality. I will cover strategies for ensuring API consistency, methods for detecting breaking changes, ways of ensuring API definition conformance, and techniques for automatic code generation and API configuration deployment. Additionally, I will delve into the importance of tracking API product metrics to inform continuous improvement. This discussion will provide actionable insights into overcoming common challenges in API development, thereby facilitating a smoother, faster, and more reliable API product delivery process.


Ikenna Nwaiwu

APIOps Lead


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